Monday, July 9, 2012

Rules for this RizzIsles Blog

Hello RizzIsles Fan!!  It's nice to meet someone who is as enamored by Rizzoli & Isles as I am!  If you're not there yet, stick around for a while and you'll be ready jump right on board!

Like the description says, I started this blog because Jane Rizzoli, Maura Isles and their friendship have become part of me... if you're not an avid reader or easily pulled into fiction, you are probably rolling your eyes at me right about now.  On the other hand, if you are naturally touched by good people, real or fictional, then you probably stumbled across this blog intentionally -- you wanted MORE RizzIsles and are diving deep into Google to do it.  That's why I created this... I wanted more information on RizzIsles and more interaction with other people who are as enamored by them as I am.  WELCOME!!

To be fair to everyone, there are a few disclaimers about this blog...

1. This blog will contain plot spoilers!  (Not in the prophetic sense; in the talking-about-previously-aired-episodes-in-depth sense.)  If you haven't seen all of the episodes and don't want anything to be given away for you, then please be careful in what you choose to read.

2. No attempt has been made to correctly spell the medical terminology (and other random, highly intelligent/cultured terms) frequently used by the fabulous Dr. Isles.  Phonetics is my friend.  Thank you for not dwelling on that as you're laughing and reminiscing some of the most classic, poignant RizzIsles moments.

3. Rizzles vs RizzIsles:  I know it's common to refer to these two fab characters as "Rizzles".  I coined the word "RizzIsles" in my own head before I even knew of the "Rizzles" term, so that's what I use.  It came to me because it sounds like Rizzoli and actually has all of Isles in it.  You may use whichever term you prefer! :)

4. Romantic Rizzles: I do love the girl crushes on Rizzles and the insane amount of media dedicated to them being a couple.  When I say Rizzles or RizzIsles, that's not what I mean.  I'm all for everyone having their own fantasies and fanfic about it; I just happen to prefer them as guy-crazed best friends with the intimacy that only females can truly achieve in a platonic way.   That being said, I absolutely #girlcrush Angie, Sasha and RizzIsles! ;)
(Update: Somewhere along the line I've started shipping Rizzles! ...never to be canon though; their friendship is still my main attraction to them.  ...but I feel the need to clarify that because this show really DOES have some serious power! LOL)

5. If you're interested in keeping up with the characters and incredible actors "in real time", follow my list on Twitter!  My all-RizzIsles-all-the-time Twitter name is @JaMauraRizzles and my personal Twitter is @JENw1n525.  The list is on both and is called "RizzIsles".

6. Have fun reading, commenting and sharing your own personal connections to RizzIsles! the "privacy" of the internet where your real-life friends can't outwardly mock you for your perhaps over-the-top infatuation with fabulous, but fictional friends!

HUGE thank you to the brilliant Janet Tamaro for putting these characters in my life, and to the Ah-MAZING Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander for your incredible performances in bringing them to life.

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