Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maura Meeting Hope

My heart is too wrapped up in Maura's new relationship with Hope (in 3.06) to just forget it until 3.07 airs next week.  (At least, one can only hope - er, no pun intended - there will be more to this story line REAL soon!)  While I'm not-so-patiently-waiting, I've come across a few things I want to gain more insight into.

As I've said before, everyone is entitled to their opinion and their own personal reactions.  That being said, I've come across a significant number of critical comments about Maura and Hope and their relationship so far that I apparently feel the need to defend. (Yes, I've consulted my therapist about my relationship to these fictional characters!  She said I'm not certifiable... yet. ;) )

Critical Comment #1:  No one gets that close that fast
Perhaps I "get" how fast their relationship has developed because I've had immediate bonds like that... have you ever met someone who you just *clicked* with instantly?  I don't mean in a romantic or lustful way; I mean in a wow-I-trust-this-person-with-my-life way.  It's not a common occurrence per se, but it happens.  For as long as I can remember, everyone has always told me everything... even when I was perhaps too young to be listening to the information.  That means that within hours of meeting someone or at the first true opportunity to connect, the moment is seized to share intimate, personal details of their lives.  That's what is going on with Hope and Maura.  Hope didn't know why initially, but something in her gut told her "I can trust this woman".  That's such an incredible realization!  ...especially when you are as vulnerable as we learn Hope is right now.  More power to her for taking that risk and trusting herself in such a potentially-vulnerable situation. takes a powerhouse of a woman to do that.

Critical Comment #2:  Even if she did trust her innately, why does she keep contacting her to keep seeing her?!  Pushy and strange, much??
My novice psychological opinion is that Hope is a Relator!  That means when she senses a relationship has a true, genuine potential to be impactful and important, she intentionally takes steps to deepen the relationship. Why would you NOT try to spend time with someone who you feel such a natural connection to??  Connections like that are one of the most rewarding, comforting experiences people get to take part in.

Critical Comment #3: Okay fine... but she brought her daughter?!
Okay, sure... not the most common occurrence I guess.  But why is it SO strange? Her daughter is clearly suffering (emotionally as well as physically) and Hope is trying to distract her and spend time with her.  What's wrong with inviting her to join you for dinner with a friend?

Critical Comment #4: The daughter was a little over-the-top in how she approached Maura, no?
No.  Is anything actually over-the-top when it comes to an 18 year old girl's emotional reaction?!  I unfortunately recall those days alllll too vividly and would actually consider her reaction relatively calm.  ...and I wasn't terminally ill and feeling like a serious disappointment to my mother.

Crazy teenager thing aside, Cailin has pretty legit reasons to be irrational and angry!  As a girl, I'm sure her intuition tells her exactly how traumatized Hope is because of "Maura's death", no matter how hard she has tried to move on with life.  (Is there *anything* more traumatizing than losing a child?!)  Of course Cailin feels a little like she was her mother's second choice and that she could never live up to the legacy of her mother's greatest sadness.  Why not go find the woman you feel is responsible for your mother being closed-off and eternally hurt?  Seems pretty legit.

Critical Comment #5: Even "robotic" Maura can't switch gears that fast to suddenly be offended that Cailin rejected her kidney.
Laughter is truly the best medicine.  When do you need laughter and a lighthearted moment more than after an encounter THAT emotional and THAT unexpected?!  ...especially when you have your best friend by your side.  Clearly, one way or another, everything will be okay.  Maura was ready to stop crying and forced herself to jump to the logical part of her brain.  (The true only way for emotions to be put at bay.)  Good for her for finding a quick outlet to laugh about with your best friend and try to temporarily forget how shattered your heart is.


NOW, critical comments aside... I can't wait to see what happens next and how they come together.  Maura SO deserves an opportunity to be part of Hope's life; she is an incredible person on all levels!  Obviously, Hope has already seen that in Maura (insert all of my opinions above) and is just in shock and hurt.  Regardless, all I want to do is hug Maura (even though she's not a hugger lol) and go find Hope and tell her the whole story!  #IsItTuesdayYet <3

What are your thoughts on this?  I love a good debate and connecting with people who are at least fractionally as obsessed as I am! ;)


  1. I love your Blog! I agree with what you wrote, it was strange how she kept coming back to her, but what is more strange is that Mauras face was all over the news saying she was Doyles daughter, can't beleive she did not see that. I really want Doyle to come back too, maybe he escapes to save maura and hope.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I wonder about her not seeing the news too... but they did say when they were reading her Wiki page that she recently moved back? Who knows. Can't wait to see what happens though!!


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