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Quotable RizzIsles: Episode 1.08 -- "I'm Your Boogie Man"

Case: The victim was apparently killed two years ago and has been kept frozen;  He is believed to be a Hoyt victim;  Hoyt sends someone to terrify Jane
RizzIsles: Jane is once again trying to stay safe from Hoyt and his terrorizing; Maura steps in to try and help with Hoyt and ends up having a strong emotional response to her encounter with him; Agent Dean returns

(assessing a victim on the scene)
Maura: The darkening of the nasal jugafold indicates fatigue and vitamin deficiency. 
Jane: (staring at the corpse, uninterested tone)  Really?
Maura: (looking up at Jane)  You.  You have dark circles under your eyes.  Are you not sleeping again?
Jane: Thank you.  You look nice too.
Maura: Having nightmares again?
Jane: Yea.  I dreamed I showed up to work in my underwear.
Maura: Anxiety.
Jane: Ya think?!
Maura: Yes I have this recurring dream that I have this bio chemistry final and I haven’t studied. 
Jane: (dryly)  Really.  Stop.  It’s terrifying.  (Maura smirking)  I can’t take anymore.

Jane: Do you have to do that?!
Maura: What?
Jane: That.  That word thing you do.
Maura: Etymology?
Jane: You can’t stop, can you?
Maura: Not really.

(Talking about getting patrol outside Jane’s apartment)
Maura: I’ll stay.
Jane: (amused)  What are you going to do?  Hit him over the head with your Burken bag?
Maura: Give me the that.
Jane: No, no.  It’s loaded.
Maura: I’ll stay up.
Jane: It’s loaded.  No.
Maura: Magazine capacity 15.  Trigger pull 2.5 kilograms.  Line of sight, 153mm. 
Jane: Have you ever shot one?
Maura: (hesitantly)  Um.  (huge forced grin)  No.
Jane: No.  No.  (laughing)
Maura: But I’m a fast learner.  (serious head tilt)
Jane: Okay.  (unloads and disarms gun, hands it to Maura)  It’s empty.  Point it.  Wrap your left hand like this (positioning Maura).  Okay.  Push and pull.  Loosen up, there ya go.
Maura: K.  Like that?
Jane: Yea.  (smiling)  You look good.
Maura: (laughing) Okay.
Jane: (loads and re-arms gun, hands it back to Maura) Okay.  It’s loaded.  I’m only doing this because I’m tired.  (Maura nods)  Point it that way.  Don’t shoot my neighbors because I’d hate to have to lock you up.
Maura: (smiling and nodding)  Jane.
Jane: Yea?
Maura: Do I look badass?
Jane: (amused)  Yea.  You look like a badass.
Maura: K.

(Answers door to let Korsak in late at night)
Maura: (sternly)  Sssh!  Jane’s finally sleeping!  (Frost and Korsak fight)  Lower your voices!  Ssh!  SHUT UP!  Her life.  Is in danger.  Again.  From a deranged serial killer sociopath who is calling the shots from inside a prison and the two of you (outraged) are comparing the size of your penises?!
Frost: Whoa.  Doc.
Maura: Shake on it.  (guys laughing, Maura hands on hips)  You heard me.  Shake.

(Maura approaches Jane’s desk seemingly uncomfortable)
Jane: You okay?
Maura: It’s distracting to work in a wrinkled dress.
Jane: So go home and change.
Maura: No, no.  I’m not leaving you.  But I have some bad news.
Jane: Oh and the day started off so promising.

Jane: My beauty regiment is really quite simple.  I just stay up all night to keep Hoyt from slitting my throat.
Dean:  It’s workin for you.
Jane: It’s Maura.  Wanna come to the autopsy?
Dean:  That sounds lovely.  Can it be our first date?
Jane: Yea that’s actually an offer I’ve never had before.
Dean: We never did have dinner.
Jane: Yea I don’t usually eat at autopsies so… ya know maybe after.

Korsak:  Listen to me.  He didn’t break you.  No one can break Jane Rizzoli unless you let him.  It’s a choice.

(Maura explains why she doesn’t think Hoyt will hurt Jane now)
Jane: And we know this why?!   Because his face wasn’t crooked?
Dean: Jane.  She’s trying to help.
Jane: I’m sorry.  I’m being a jerk.
(portion of tape plays with Hoyt telling Maura he’s like her; Jane notices her discomfort)
Jane: (to Dean)  Hey, will you go see if Frost and Korsak have got anything yet?
Dean: Sure.
Jane: You okay?  (Brief upset glance from Maura)  C’mon Maura.  Talk to me.  He’s a FREAK.  Okay, he gets to everybody.
Maura: (holding emotions at bay)  I did a lot of research into, into his background.  His childhood.  Maybe he’s not wrong.
Jane: What are you talking about?
Maura: Maybe I am, a little bit like him.
Jane: (seriously)  You are NOTHING LIKE HIM.
Maura: I don’t know Jane, I was a weird kid. 
Jane: (angrily)  Were you killing small animals?!
Maura: (laughing)  No, but I dissected a lot of frogs
Jane: That’s different. 
Maura: (upset and overwhelmed)  I started to think about (stands and paces) things that I never really thought about before.
Jane: Here it comes.  There are bodies buried in your basement.
Maura: (continuing on, seriously)  I spent a lot of time alone.  You know I was adopted and my father was a professor and my mother she, she came from a wealthy family.  I was an only child.  (Sitting, fidgety and upset)  I just realized something when I was reading about Hoyt.  That it just never occurred to me before.  (vulnerable and upset)  There was a lot of benign neglect.  Not that they didn’t love me.  It’s just that I didn’t ask for much.  I don’t think I really knew how.  (Jane listening carefully and patiently)  And the less that I would ask for, the less time that they had for me.  They were just very, very involved in their own lives.  And into each other, and, they sent me to boarding school when I was 10.  I actually think I sent away for the brochure myself.  (Jane smiling and laughing) They were delighted.  I was really lost.
Jane: C’mere.  (Taking Maura’s hands)  No matter what happened to you, you are NOTHING like that monster.  K?  Yea you are a little antisocial maybe, a little goofy.  That’s not the same thing.  Okay?  (Maura nodding, smiling with a tear running down her face)  We’re a pair, aren’t we? (quiet laughing)
Maura: (softly)  Thank you.

Jane: Maura what is Frankie’s face doing?
Maura: Movement of the outer orbicularis oculi par lateralis.  He’s happy.
Jane: I’m being hunted by a serial killer and my little brother’s occipital spatula is orbiting. 
Frankie: I’m sorry, Jane.
Jane: Oh don’t be sorry.  Frankie’s got a girlfriend.
Frankie:  We just met.
Jane: There it is!  His occipital, spatula is doing it again.
(Maura puts head in hand laughing)

Jane: You’re all hovering.  I’m fine.  I’m fine.  No.
Maura: Actually that’s a common reaction to fear.  As the rostral anterior sinulate cortex activates.  (Jane’s confused, look of disbelief, Maura notices everyone’s disinterest and strange stares, Maura seems uncomfortable)  A lot of people find neurobiology fascinating.  (Putting food in her mouth)
Jane: Are they all neurobiologists?

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