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Quotable RizzIsles: Episode 1.09 -- "The Beast in Me"

Case: John Doe is killed in his car; After searching the police find that he has multiple aliases and is involved in significant identity theft.
RizzIsles: Maura discovers that the victim is her biological half-brother and her biological father is an Irish Mobster; Jane does what she can to support Maura and not betray her in order to protect her;

Jane: Where’s Maura?
Frost: Stuck in traffic.
Jane: She shouldn’t wear high heels to a crime scene.
Maura: (walking onto the scene)  Why not?  These are very comfortable.
Jane: Yea I bet you can run in them too.
Maura: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

(Big Mo arrives)
Jane: Took you long enough!
Big Mo: Mornin’ Rizzoli.  Look you can be as bitchy as you like.
Jane: Oh and what’s the male equivalent for bitchy?  Dicky?!
Big Mo:  Keep ‘em comin.  I’m getting time and a half just listening.

Big Mo: Yes your highness.
Jane: Without the attitude please!

Maura: John Doe.  20s.  He’s in good health.
Jane: (laughing)  Except for the ice pick sticking out of his ear.

Jane: Find anything?
Maura: Cause of death: massive cerebral hemorrhage caused by an ice pick penetrating the brain.
Jane: I figured the ice pick had something to do with it.  (snide stare from Maura)  I meant did you find anything that helps us know who he is.

Maura: It’s a shame that they penetrated his temporal lobe.  That would’ve been an excellent brain to study.
Jane: Yea.  Bummer.

Maura: (answering morgue phone)  This is Dr. Isles.  What??  That’s not possible.  I’m looking at it right now. 
Jane: What’s the matter?
Maura: (to Jane)  They’re saying that there’s a problem with the DNA sample of our John Doe.  (into the phone)  Yes I see it but it’s not possible.  I don’t cross-contaminate my samples. 
Jane: Maura, c’mon.  You’re not perfect.  Send another sample.
Maura: Okay, I’ll call you back.  (hangs up phone)  It’s not possible.  (goes to computer) 
Jane: Maura, everybody makes mistakes.  It’s okay.  Just send it again.
Maura: No, it’s not a mistake.  (pointing to screen)  This is the victim’s DNA profile.  This is my DNA profile.  See the autosomal markers?  They’re the same in both samples. 
Jane: Yea, well the lab keeps all of our genetic profiles just in case we contaminate a sample.  So, obviously, it’s been contaminated. 
Maura: (getting flustered)  No.  There’s enough markers in the comparison of the DNA to make a definitive conclusion. 
Jane: (confused but patient)  So what are we concluding?
Maura: (merges the samples on the screen)  Just look. 
Jane: (patiently)  They match.  And how did that happen?  Maura.  You must’ve done something screwy.
Maura: No.  I didn’t.  It’s a biological match.
Jane: Maura, what are you telling me?  The guy on the table here is somehow related to you?
Maura: (deliberating)  I’m telling you that the man laying there is my brother.
(RizzIsles away from the morgue, sitting on a bench in a park)
Maura: He’s actually my half brother. 
Jane: You know this from the DNA?
Maura: (nods)  Yea we share the same father but not the same mother.  (sighing)  It’s so odd.  You know, I have a blood relative. 
Jane: I’m so sorry, Maura.
Maura: I’m fidgeting.  I’m fidgeting.  I never fidget.
Jane: (laughing)  Welcome to the human race.
Maura: (laughing, then serious)  I always wondered what it’d be like to have a sibling.  …more than what it’d be like to meet my biological parents. 
Jane: That seems normal. 
Maura: I don’t know anything about him.  I don’t know his name… all I know is that he was a theif.
Jane: And a brilliant artist. 
Maura: That’s not enough.  How did he end up on my table?  Why did he do what he did?  What if I never know?
Jane: What do you know about your biological parents?
Maura: Nothing.  My parents told me that my adoption was private with their lawyer.  All they knew was my birthdate.  Maybe that’s not even right.
Jane: You gonna tell them about this?
Maura: No.  No.  I didn’t even tell them when I tried to find my biological mother and father before I started college.
Jane: What’d you find out?
Maura: All the files were useless or sealed by a court order.  (sadly)  I may have wanted to know them, but they didn’t want to know me.
Jane: Okay.  (sits up and reaches for Maura)  What can I do?
Maura: (thinking)  I need to know who did this to him. 

Maura: (sitting next to table, staring at body of her half brother)  We have the same nasal and zygomatic facial structure.  There are also similar patterns in our super orbital forumin and the angle of our jawline.  You see?
Jane: I do.  I see the resemblance. 
Maura: (sad, confused face)  I don’t know why I’m being so emotional about this now that I know we’re related.  I never knew him.  I never will.  (staring and sighing)
Jane: (walks around to Maura)  Maura, if this is too much for you— (rubs her arm).  Here.  (hands her giant sketch book that belonged to her brother)  You should have this.
Maura: No, that’s evidence.  You have to put that back.
Jane: I’ll make copies.  …and I know where they are if I need them.  Keep it for now. 
Maura: (warmly)  Really?
Jane: Yea.  Here.  (sets book on empty table to look through)

Maura: These drawings are exactly to scale.  So with a little trigonometry and some spherical geometry--

(Homicide team discovers that the victim is Colin Doyle: son of Irish Mobster Paddy Doyle, “The Enforcer” who has been in hiding for 20 years – down in the morgue, Maura gets a visitor)
Officer: Dr. Isles.  This man is here to identify his son.  Mr.--
Visitor:  Selsi.
Maura: (cautiously, hesitantly)  I’m very sorry for your loss.
Visitor:  How was he killed?
Maura: He died from a cerebral hemorrhage.
Visitor:  I want to know how.
Maura: An ice pick.  He was stabbed with an ice pick.  I’m terribly sorry.  We’re looking for his killer.  (silence)  What was he like?
Visitor:  He was too much like his old man.
Maura: (observing visitor turn ring on his finger)  I’ve seen his drawings.  He was brilliant.  I have them if you’d like to take one to remember him. 
Visitor:  No.  I’m not going to forget my son.
Maura: May I get you some water?
Visitor:  No. 
Maura: We have some right here I can get you-- (visitor grabs her arm to stop her)
Visitor: I’ll make it easy for you if that’s what you want.  (pulls out a pocket knife, cuts his hand, presses a tissue to the blood, hands it to Maura)  Goodbye Maura.

Maura: I sent the blood sample to the crime lab.  There’s no doubt this man (holding picture of Paddy Doyle) is my father.
Jane: Since when do you jump to conclusions.
Maura: Since I found out who I really am.
Jane: Maura--
Maura: (pointing to pictures on the table)  Stabbed.  Shot.  Shot.  Shot.  (pacing, turning her ring around her finger)  Oh my God.  Did you see what I did?  He does that.  He introduced himself as Mr. Selsi.  It’s Isles- my adoptive name – spelled backward. 
Jane: I know.  You keep saying that.
Maura: He was toying with me from the start.  While he was staring at his murdered son.
Jane: C’mon.  He came to say a final goodbye to Colin and he knew that you wanted a DNA sample so he gave you some of his blood.  That’s a guy with balls!
Maura: You’re defending a stone cold killer.
Jane: No I’m--  yes I am.  Uhh… and, I’m, gonna, stop, now.  Look.  I think that whoever killed Colin knew that his murder would draw Patrick out.  (watching Maura’s face)  If it makes you feel better, these were all bad guys.
Maura: He said Colin was too much like him.  What about me?  Look what I do for a living.  I’m around more death than he is. 
Jane: (grabbing Maura’s arm)  But you’re not the one doing the killing.  Maura, listen to me.  You are in danger. 
Maura: No I’m not.
Jane: As long as Patrick Doyle is out there, yes.  You are.
Maura: He’s not gonna kill me.
Jane: Whoever killed Colin will not hesitate to kill you if they figure out who you are.  We need some help.

(Homicide team divvying up tasks to figure out who Colin’s killer was to protect Maura)
Maura:  And I’ll go over the body again.
Jane: (pleading) Maura, don’t.  You’ve been over it so many times.
Maura: I want to do it.  For Colin.
Jane: She shouldn’t be alone right now.
Korsak:  Let her go Jane.  Going back to work is the best thing for her right now.  And the best thing we can do to protect her is solve this. 

Frost:  Whoever was looking at Colin’s file knows Maura is his sister.
Jane: (pulling out phone)  Yea, and Patrick Doyle’s daughter!  (runs out of room)

(Door of van used to abduct Maura is opened by Paddy Doyle; Her hands are tied but she is not blindfolded)
Paddy:  I’m sorry.  But I couldn’t go back to see you again and there was no other way of bringing you to me.
Maura: (yelling)  What about a phone?!
Paddy: (reaching for her hands)  Let me take that off.
Maura: (recoiling)  No.  Don’t touch me.
Paddy:  (nods for his guy to leave them)  I assume you already know you’re in danger.
Maura: (scared and angry)  Well there’s a lot I don’t know.  Let’s start with my birth mother.  WHO IS SHE?  Is she alive?
Paddy:  She is.  But it’s in both of our interests to leave it at that.  You need to listen, we don’t have much time.
Paddy:  (cautiously steps toward her)  You have her intensity and intelligence.  …and class.  She gave you up to keep you safe.  We both did.  I need to keep her safe too.  She has a right to lead her own life.  But know she was heartbroken.  And never forgave me. 
Maura: (softly)  …for giving me up.
Paddy:  For who I am.
Maura: What about Colin?  Who was his mother?
Paddy: It’s not the same thing.  She was someone I saw a few times. 
Maura: But you raised Colin.
Paddy: Is that what you think?  I gave you up and kept him?  No.  He was raised by his mother.  She told him who his father was right before she died.  FBI couldn’t find me.  My enemies couldn’t find me.  But my 15 year old son did.  You’ve seen what he could do with computers.  (Maura solemnly nods)  Smart enough to do anything yet not smart enough to avoid the same path I took.
Maura: It has nothing to do with his intelligence.  I’m guessing you weren’t much of a father. 
Paddy: I know what you’ve heard about me.  Most of it’s true.  But you should know, I’ve always kept an eye on you.  (hands something to Maura)
Maura: Take these off, please.  (Paddy removes wire tie from her wrist and takes a few steps away; Maura looks down to see the item in her hand, stunned)  This is the 5th grade.  My high school graduation. 
Paddy: I was at your college and medical school graduations too.
Maura: Why?
Paddy:  You’re my daughter. 
Maura: (pausing, head down)  I have a father.  So I can’t be your daughter.  (emotions rising)  How can you do the things you do?  Just murder people on command.
Paddy: I never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve to be hurt. 
Maura: I don’t understand how you could live like that.
Paddy: That’s because you’re different.  I did what I was born to do.
Maura: (matter of factly) You did what you CHOSE to do.
Paddy: Maybe.  You’re in a great deal of danger.  Police can’t keep you safe, you know that.  If I can get to you so can my enemies. 
Maura: I can take care of myself.  I would like to go now.
Paddy: (reaches for her shoulder, she pushes his arm away)  Maura I want to protect you but I can’t do it without your help.  I don’t know who killed your brother but I know they’ll come after you next.  (hands Maura a cell phone)  It’s programmed with a number.  I’ll always answer it.  I know you have people close to you in homicide.  I need you to tell me who did this to Colin. 
Maura: We don’t know yet.
Paddy:  When you know.  As soon as you know. 
Maura: So you can kill him.
Paddy:  So I can keep you alive by sending a message.

Jane: We should be out there looking for her!
Korsak:  We have no idea where to start!
(Maura’s cell rings)
Jane: It’s a blocked ID.  (answering the phone)  Whatever you want, I can get it.  Maura?!  Are you okay??  No, um, can you get to my apartment?  I’ll be right there.  (hanging up)  She’s okay.  She’s okay.  (running out)

Maura: (sitting at Jane’s counter, Jane pouring milk into cereal for her)  He had a gentleness I wasn’t expecting.
Jane: Well he’s wanted for a dozen or so not-so-gentle murders.  He’s a charismatic killer, ya know?  It’s not like you haven’t seen that animal before.  He’s dangerous.
Maura: (contemplative)  I don’t believe that.  I mean he risked his life to say goodbye to Colin.
Jane: (smirking)  Don’t tell me you’re finally let emotion run that big brain.
Maura: (half smile, head in hand)  I don’t know who I am anymore. 
Jane: Come on.  You’re the same ridiculously smart, amazing, goofy person that you were before.  Knowing that he is the source of the sperm doesn’t change that.
Maura: Well don’t be so sure.  Technically you did just say that my father is a killer.
Jane: Ehm ehm.  I said the sperm donor was a killer. 

Maura: Patrick Doyle wants me to feed him information about the case.
Jane: Yea I bet he does.  That’s why he’s back, revenge.
Maura: I don’t know.  (putting cell from Paddy on counter)  I’m supposed to call him with Colin’s killer, once we discover who it is.  Jane, he had photographs of me.  Throughout my life. 
Jane: (deliberating, conflicted)  If he wants to protect you, maybe we should just let him handle it.
Maura: No!  No, no, I’m not helping him kill another human being!
Jane: Even if it keeps you alive?
Maura: No.
Jane: Even if we arrest Colin’s killer, that will just leave a path for your father’s enemies to find you.
Maura: So there you go.  My my father, hurt a lot of people.
Jane: He’s not your father. 
Maura: My brother turned out just like him.
Jane: There’s no proof that Colin killed anyone and he’s not your brother.
Maura: So what?  He’s, he’s the sperm donor’s spawn?
Jane: Exactly.
Maura: And all he did was, what, steal identities and life savings?  Killing people in other ways.
Jane: So what does Colin Doyle have to do with you?
Maura: There are empirical data from several sources provide strong, converging lines of evidence (Jane rubbing her temples) that indicate that there is some degree of genetic predisposition for crime!
Jane: Maura, there is not an evil bone in your body.
Maura: It’s in my DNA.
Jane: (taking her hand) So what?  You want a study that proves that you’re not your father or your brother?!
Maura: Yes.

(Knocking on door to Jane’s apartment)
Frankie:  (whispering)  Janey open up!  It’s Frankie.  (Jane opens door)
Frankie:  I know it’s the middle of the night—  Oh, Maura. Hi.  (Maura waves)
Jane: What are you doing here?
Frankie:  Dad’s lost his mind.  He’s driving me crazy.  I’m gonna kill him.
Jane: Can’t this wait?!
(Frankie explains why he’s angry about working with his Dad)
Jane: Stop it!  This is not the night for crazy, Rizzoli Family drama.
Maura: Sure it is!  (standing)  I could use the, distraction.  And I happen to know a thing or two about copper flux.
Jane: Do you, showoff?  Well so do I.  I’m the daughter of a plumber.

Jane: Maura, can you hand me the torch please?
Maura: Can I do it?
Jane: Really?  You know how to do this?
Maura: Of course.  I used one of these to sear toro.
Frankie Sr: Who’s Toro?
Frankie: Well Toro is her pet, miniature bull, Dad.
Frankie Sr: Pet bull?  What are you talking about?
Jane: No, Dad.  C’mon, it’s sushi.  (laughing)
Frankie Sr: Sushi?  Ya know, don’t be such a wise ass.  Alright?  This never would’ve happened if you had listened to me.
Frankie: Sure.  Like the time you set the gas pressure too high in the kitchen and the stove top exploded during my birthday?  (Jane stands, laughing)  Like that Dad?
Jane: Yea, yea!  (laughing, Maura laughing)  It scared Mom so bad she knocked the cake off the table.  (Frankie Sr laughing)
Frankie: (laughing)  And the candle caught the rug on fire!
Jane: (laughing and jumping)  And she was stomping everything out.  (high pitch, mock yelling voice)  Frankie!!  In her white shoes.  (pointing to Maura)  Which she was wearing after Labor Day.
Maura: (laughing and surprised)  I didn’t know you knew the Labor Day rule.
Jane: (laughing)  C’mon, everybody knows the Labor Day rule.

(In M.E. Office, staring at cell from Paddy)
Jane: I get it, Maura, I do.  But we’re talking about your survival.  Okay?  He said he wanted to send a message.  Those were his words?  (Maura nods) 
Maura: Yea.
Jane: That means even if we get Tommy O’Rourke, someone else will be gunning for you.  (Maura thinking)  Doyle is the only one who can stop them all.
Maura: I know the consequences if I don’t do this, Jane.  I do.  I’ve thought about it. 
Jane: (grabbing for the phone)  Well, I’ll do it then.
Maura: (grabs phone from Jane)  Why is it any different?  This is not who I am.  It’s not who you are. 
Jane: (thinking)  Give it to me and I’ll take it to the Crime Lab.  Maybe they can track something. 
Maura: (contemplative and stressed, hands phone over to Jane)

(Homicide Team and Maura approach a crime scene; man in garage where Maura talked to Paddy with an ice pick through his chest)
Korsak:  It’s Tommy O’Rourke.
Maura: (removes ice pick from victim; looks at picture being held to his chest by ice pick)  That’s me.  As a baby.
Jane: With Doyle.
Maura: (eyeing Jane)  Who tipped him off?
Jane: Not me.  You said not to.  I think the message is pretty clear though.
Frost:  Don’t mess with my family.
Korsak: (seriously, direct eye contact with Maura) You do what you need to do to protect family.

(Frankie Sr. turns faucet on to test if his work is done)
Jane: Yea!!  Nice!  Very nice Pop!  (to Maura)  And you.  You’re a genius!
Maura: (excited)  Yes.  I am.
Jane: (laughing)  And a humble one too!
(RizzIsles laughing)
Maura: What?  It only takes 150 IQ points to be a genius.
Jane: What?  So you’re a dumb genius?  (Maura pinches Jane)  Hey!
Frankie:  (strange, boy ninja noises, Frankie Sr. pulls him away)
Jane: Still sorry you didn’t grow up with a sibling?!  (throwing peanuts at Frankie)
Maura: (laughing)  Yea.  I am.
Jane: (sweet, sympathetic smile)  Here, we’ll cure you of that.  (moves peanuts closer to Maura so she can throw them at Frankie too)  Aim at the head.  Face.
(RizzIsles laughing)

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