Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RizzIsles Resources

Thanks for helping nurture my love for RizzIsles!  If you're craving even more info and other ways to connect in the RizzIsles world, check out these sites:

TNT: Official RizzIsles Show Site
Get information on the show, characters, cast and episodes.
Watch full episodes, various clips, behind the scenes interviews and cast interviews.
Scan photos, wallpaper, icons and more!

Facebook: Rizzoli & Isles
Get updates on the latest episodes, cast occurrences and more!

Keep up with ALL of the Twitter Feeds listed below by subscribing to my personal RizzIsles List.

Official, verified accounts run by...
@RizzoliIslesTNT -- TNT
@JanetTamaro -- Creator, Executive Producer and Show Runner of R&I
@Angie_Harmon -- ...the brilliant Angie ("Jane Rizzoli") herself!
@SashaAlexander1 -- ...the incredible Sasha ("Maura Isles") herself!
@Lorraine_Bracco -- ...the hilarious Lorraine ("Angela Rizzoli") herself!
@Jordan_Bridges -- ...the awesome Jordan ("Frankie Rizzoli") himself!
@Lee_T_Young -- ...the resourceful Lee ("Frost") himself!
@SharonLawrence -- ...the inspiring Sharon ("Hope Martin") herself!

You can even follow your favorite R&I characters!  Their banter is hilarious and they even interact with the fans!  Fun way to keep the fiction magic alive! :)  Their accounts are:


For random show quotes and spurts of R&I humor, fun and reminiscing, check out this account too!

Rizzoli and Isles: Your Daily News
Fan-operated site that looks like a news paper!  Find new blog posts, various articles, episode recaps and more!

RizzlesGirls Blog
The creator of this blog and I should be friends!  Her blog is very similar to this one but MUCH more hi-tech and professional looking! :)  (Hey, I'm cool.  I can admit when I'm not the top dawg. ;) )  You can find links to even more RizzIsles Resources, news and updates, video links, cast info and tons MORE!

Keep following me though, okay?  My main goal is really just to have people to share my RizzIsles love with!

Rizzles Con
The ULTIMATE live, in-person Rizzles Fan Experience!  Check it out!!

Did I miss an awesome RizzIsles Reference?  Would you like me to promote your RizzIsles page?  Leave a comment with the link and some info and I'd be happy to check it out and include it!

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