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Quotable RizzIsles: Episode 1.10 -- "When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang"

Case: An undercover cop is killed; The investigation leads down a trail of figuring out which cops are dirty and which aren’t
RizzIsles: Jane, Maura and Frankie end up trapped in Headquarters trying to stay clear of the gang that has the place locked down trying to find evidence to destroy; Frankie fights for his life; Jane shoots herself in an effort to shoot the gunman using her as a shield.

(RizzIsles on elliptical machines at the gym, Maura is mercilessly staring at a guy working out and smiling)
Jane: (through gritted teeth)  Maura.  You’re staring at Chuck’s biceps.
Maura:  I am.  Females are wired to be attracted to the strongest, most dominant males.  It’s natural selection at work.
Jane: You’re making me uncomfortable.  Stop.
Maura: What?  I’m just appreciating his sternoclydo mastoid.  (to Chuck, sweetly and matter-of-factly)  Excuse me.  You have beautifully developed musculator.  (Jane looks away)  What am I embarrassing you?
Jane: (sarcastically)  Oh no.  Not at all.  Why don’t you tell him he’s got a nice ass too?
Maura: (to Chuck, across the room)  …and a wonderfully proportionate gluteus maximus.  (flirty smiles)
Jane: I’m never working out with you again.

Jane: You brought your turtle to work?
Maura: Tortoise.  I couldn’t get his usual caregiver.
(Jane laughs)

(On the phone)
Guy: Hey, it’s Murray.
Jane: (hesitantly)  Heyyy, Murray.
Murray:  I couldn’t get a hold of your parents for a headcount.
Jane: What headcount?
Murray:  For the surprise party.
Jane: Surprise party for who?
Maura: Whom.  (smiling)
Jane: (to Maura)  Ssh!  (into phone)  What are you talking about?
Murray:  Oh!  I thought you knew.  Sorry.  Didn’t mean to bother you.  (hangs up)
Jane: (to herself)  Too late.  I’m bothered.  (walks over to Frankie)  Frankie?
Frankie: What?
Jane: Do you know anything about Ma and Pop throwin a surprise party today?
Frankie: Oh no.
Jane: Oh no is right.

Jane: It’s too bad he can only behave when he’s behind bars.

Pop: Easy.  He comes home he works for me.
Jane: ...and sleeps in his bunk bed and plays with his toy solidiers.  Yea that aughta straighten him right out.
Pop:  Hey!  Easy.  That’s my son and that’s your brother.

(Maura putting cash into the coffee fund jar)
Jane: No, no, no.  20 is overkill.  You’re only a jerk if you don’t leave anything.  Here.  (puts a few dollars in the can, sips the coffee)  God!  When was that made, November?!

Jane: Marino wants a cup of coffee, there’s none upstairs.  Guy is a wreck.
Maura: I’ve tried everything… british strawberries, fennel, bok choy.
Jane: (stopping)  Are we in the same conversation?
Maura: Sorry.  I was talking about Bass.
Jane: Oh, you’re obsessing over your turtle again.
Maura: (offended)  Tortoise.  (Jane puts salt in coffee)  He likes salt, in his coffee?
Jane: (confused, looks down)  Damnit.
Maura: You know when, people lock their keys in their car, sprain their ankle, usually indicates something significant is bothering them.
Jane: Cop was murdered.
Maura: Yea, but that’s not why you’re salting your coffee.
Jane: (hesitates, catches her breath)  It’s my brother, Tommy. 
Maura: (nodding)  I always wondered about him.
Jane: Well, Frankie and I became cops, and Tommy went to prison for hitting a priest in a crosswalk.
Maura: Oh.
Jane: It was his 3rd strike for driving under the influence.
Maura: Your poor parents.
Jane: (ranting) And you know they keep saying “if the priest that he hit has forgiven him, why can’t we?”.  This isn’t about forgiveness.  You know, Tommy is, is, really troubled.  And the more they deny it, the more he screws up.
Maura: (softly)  You really care about him.
Jane: I just think that we need to face reality.  Tommy needs help.  This isn’t like he broke his leg and it’ll heal. 
Maura: (nodding)  I’m really sorry.
Jane: (calmer)  Thank you.  Don’t worry about it.  We got too much to do today to worry about Tommy.  (walking away)

(RizzIsles on opposite ends of Headquarters lobby to get appropriate elevators)
Maura: I’ll call you as soon as I get the results.
Jane: Alright.
(RizzIsles step onto respective elevators)
Jane: (to herself)  OH!  I gotta log this into evidence.  I gotta take this to Marino.  (gets on elevator to go to Marino first)  I’ll see ya later.
Maura: Jane!
Jane: Yea?
Maura: If you want to talk about your brother, or just avoid the subject, I’m here.
Jane: I know.
(Sweet smiles J)

(Jane & Marino helping Frankie into Morgue to find Maura and help him)
Jane: Maura.  Maura.
Maura: (sitting on floor, hand on Bass, whispering)  It’s Jane!  (running into Morgue)  Jane!  I was hiding!  There are men shooting in here!
Jane: I know.  Both of them have been shot.
Maura: Oh my, God!  What happened?!
Jane: (upset)  He’s been hit twice.
Frankie:  I’m alright.  My vest stopped it.  (Getting lead over to Maura’s table)  The table?!  Already?!  Really, the dead person table?!

Maura: (to herself)  ABCs.  Airway, Breathing, Circulation.  I should have taken an emergency medicine rotation.  (to Frankie)  Take a deep breath.
Frankie:  (scared)  I, I can’t.
(Jane looks at Maura, both of them terrified, Maura nods Jane off to the side)
Jane: It’s bad isn’t it?
Maura: Massive blunt force trauma caused internal bleeding.  It’s worse than bad. 

(Frankie is struggling to breathe)
Maura: I was afraid of that.
Jane: What?
Maura: Tension pneumothorax.
Jane: Maura, he’s having trouble breathing.  Do something.
Maura: I’m a pathologist.  I am not a surgeon, Jane.  I could make it worse.
Jane: (sprinting away to grab a book)  What is it again?!  Say it again.
Maura: Tension pneumothorax.  What are you doing?!
Jane: (reading)  Tension pneumothorax results in death if not--- if not treated immediately.  (terrified, looking up at Maura)  GOD!
Maura: Jane, I’m just guessing.  Okay?  I would need to confirm it.
Jane: (yelling)  You don’t have time to confirm it!  Your guess is better than most doctors.
Maura: I could be wrong.
Jane: (reading)  …aggressively manage with needle decompression to chest.
Maura: (yelling, freaked out)  I’ve never done it!
Jane: (running back over to Maura, yelling/pleading)  Maura!  Please!  Get a needle.  Do it!  (both looking down at Frankie struggling)  Do it now!
Maura: Alright.  Get alcohol, and a cotton ball, and tape.  (Performs procedure)  Give me the tape.  Hold this.  (uses tape to secure syringe)  (Jane comforts Frankie)  The integrity of his chest wall has been compromised by a broken rib.  We gotta get him to a hospital.   (explains further injuries)
Jane: What does that mean?
Maura: It means he needs surgery.
Jane: How soon?!
Maura: Now!

Maura: (removes syringe from his chest)  There’s blood clotting it.  (Frankie coughs up blood) Turn him on his side!
Jane: What’s happening?!  (gun shot sounds)
Marino:  It’s okay.  It’s at least two floors away.
Maura: His lung is filling up with blood. 
Jane: Well how do we stop it?!
Maura: We can’t.  We need a trauma center!  I don’t have equipment for this.
Jane: But you helped him before.
Maura: (panicking) No no, the problem isn’t his heart right now, Jane.  There’s too much pressure from the bleeding.  His heart can’t pump.
Jane: (begging)  Please don’t let him die, Maura.  Please.  (more distant gun shots)  We can’t get him out of here.  Okay.  What can you do, right now, that will help him?
Maura: I don’t know!  I don’t know what more I can do with what I have.
Jane: He’s going to die.  Right here on this table if you don’t do something.  Think!
Maura: Okay.  Okay.  (eyes closed trying to regain composure)
Jane: You’re the only one that can save him.
(Maura walks away implying she has an idea)

(Prepping Frankie for a procedure)
Maura: This isn’t a hospital.  I don’t have an anesthetic.
Jane: It’s alright, Maura.  Just do the best you can, okay?
Maura: Frankie, this is going to hurt, ok?  I have to drain the blood from your lungs so you can breathe.
Jane: (whispering)  Maura hurry.
Maura: Okay.  I need you to hold him down for me.
Jane: Okay.  (Frankie yells out in pain)  It’s okay, buddy.  It’s alright.
Maura: I have to insert the tube to drain the blood.
Jane: We trust you.
Maura: (whispering)  This is painful.
Jane: (to Frankie)  Hey, listen to me.  Hey, hey, look at me, alright?  This is gonna hurt.  (fighting for composure)  I want you to squeeze my hand as hard as you can.
Frankie:  (grunting)  Okay.  Do it.  GO.

Jane: (into walkie)  They’re looking for something.
Maura: Oh!  They were looking for something in the evidence lockers.
Jane: You tell me this now?!
Maura: (gesturing to Frankie)  I’m sorry.  I’ve kinda had my hands full.

(Jane being dragged out of headquarters with a gun to her head by Bobby, the dirty cop)
Jane: Just shoot him!!  Frankie is bleeding to death!  There’s no time!
Bobby:  He’s probably already dead.
Jane: NOOOOOO!!!!! (grabs Bobby’s hand, puts gun against her side, shoots him… by shooting through herself)
Maura: Jane!

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