Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quotable RizzIsles: Episode 2.04 -- "Brown Eyed Girl"

Case: The 13 year old daughter of Jane’s former DCU Partner is kidnapped; another young girl is found dead shortly after the kidnapping.
RizzIsles: Jane tries to keep her emotions and personal connection from interfering with the case;

Maura: (fussing with her outfit, stepping off elevator) The cleaning lady put this in the dryer.  It’s vicuna wool.  Who puts vicuna wool in a dryer?!  It’s tight.  Does it make me look fat?
Jane: Yes.  You look ginormous.  I can’t believe how fat you look.  What do you weigh?  115lbs?
Maura: 116.8. 
Jane: Wow, no wonder.
Maura: Really?  Because I’ve been craving carbohydrates lately.  Maybe it’s a hormonal imbalance.
Jane: Maybe you don’t have enough to do.
Maura: It is a little slow.
Jane: Let’s go the gym.
Maura: Yoga.
Jane: Boxing.
Maura: Zumba.
Jane: Beer.
Woman comes in yelling for Jane.

Jane: When we were undercover my life depended on Dan, and now his daughter’s life depends on me.

Maura: Jane, I’m doing- I’m doing everything I can here.
Jane: (sincerely) I know you are.

Maura: (talking softly to 17 year old victim on her table)  Help me find Mandy.  What am I not seeing that I need to see?  Sweet girl.  I’m so sorry this happened to you.

Nicole: You’ve been so kind.  You can go home.
Angela: I’m not going anywhere.  I’m part of a cop family too.

Maura: (to picture of 1st victim after huge break in case) Thank you Sophie.

Jane: Oh Mandy!  It’s okay baby.  Your Mommy and Daddy are going to be so happy to see you.  It’s okay.  We’re gonna get you home, alright?

Jane: (emotional) I am never getting married.  Or having children.
Maura: You think that’ll protect you?
Jane: No.

Jane: Well that was a long day!
Maura: (smiling) Because it started YESTERDAY.
Jane: Now can we get a beer?!

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